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Whidal Saint Bernard Kennel

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Whidal Saint Bernard Kennel is situated in Carletonville in the North West Province, South Africa


Daleen And Her St. Bernard Cyrus

I grew up on a farm and as a child we had a Saint Bernard Female as a family pet, called “Loula”.  I was very active as a child and sometimes got me into dangerous situations.  One of these situations was the day I decided to go swimming in a dam on the farm by myself.  Suddenly I then found myself in a dangerous situation where I was busy drowning, when “Loula” realised that I was in trouble and came to help me.  She dragged me out of the water and thus saving my live.  This is when I fell in love with these big gentle giants.  Since that time my passion and fascination grew for this big and mighty breed, who will put their own lives at risk to help someone in need.  Today, I am the proud owner of four beautiful Saints.

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Cell no: 082 8022 483