Our Saints

Desperadodacapo Of Whidal

Called Name: Duke

I was fascinated by Duke and bought him from Claudia at Thorncroft Kennel.  He is a long-coated, full mantle Saint Bernard male. He has a stable, loving, trustworthy temperament and is very loyal to our family.  His overall built is square viewed from every angle and he is already built very powerfully for such a young male, with massive bone and good leg length. He has a very imposing head with a very distinct stop.  Duke is such a sweet loving boy, always ready to play.

Duke’s Pedigree

Desperadodacapo Of Whidal Vonnicolandria Dupre Of Thorncroft Youngstead Watson Ch Udi Du Grand St Bernard Of Youngstead (Ch)
Youngstead Imagination
Youngstead Champagne Ch Baynest Aramis OF Youngstead
Ch Montacrie Early Edition Of Youngstead
Willema Maggie Of Thorncroft Franta Arthur Of Willema Juan Batesan Of Franta
Zinta Delmony Of Franta
Paswan M’Lady Maxine Of Willema Moreleta Sindane
Snowyriver Leading Lady Of Paswan

Kelly Of Whidal

Called Name: Leila

Leila is my foundation female.  She is a long-haired female and her splashed coat is surrounded by a black pencil stripe, which makes her very unique.  She has a loving and family orientated temperament but will pose a threat to any stranger invading her family’s environment.  She is also a caring mother to her puppies.

Leila’s Pedigree

Kelly Of Whidal Youngstead Tyson Of Paswan Ch Youngstead Casper Ch Baynest Aramis Of Youngstead
Ch Montacrie Early Edition Of Youngstead
Youngstead Angellica Ch Balu Vo Da Ruschiger Sita Of Youngstead (Imp Switz)
Ch Youngstead Foreverfaithful
Paswan M’Lady Malena Moreleta Sindane Saulita Bonzo Of Sandphillip
Snowyriver Leading Lady Of Paswan Snowyriver Eugenludwig Of Lostend
Snowyriver Imogen


Duliana Of Whidal

Called Name: Keira

Keira is a full mantel long-haired female and is the youngest female in this breeding program.   Keira is a very active and playful dog, but very careful when it comes to my 6 year old daughter.

Keira’s Pedigree

Duliana Of Whidal Swalema Arabian Knight Paswan Admirable Alex Of Swalena Paswan Romeo
Paswan Juliette
Marcois Lady Gina Of Franta Juan Batesan Of Franta
Marcois Brandy
Swalena Amazons Miracle Moreleta Sindane Saulita Bonzo Of Sandphillip
Paswan Lelaney Moreleta Sindane
Paswan Fidelia


(Not Used For Breeding)

Cyrus was the first registered male in the breeding program but since then has become the sole family protector and is no longer part of my breeding program.  I’ve trained Cyrus specifically to be the ultimate family protector.  Cyrus stands at 87cm in height and has a strong muscular built, which makes him a formidable opponent for any intruder wanting to harm his family.  As vicious and dangerous as he would be towards any potential threat he is the most loving and gentle giant towards his family members.