General Info

Saint Bernard General Information


Aim to breed with the best available stock, to produce dogs with superior conformation and temperament.



They are gentle, friendly, loyal, eager, willing to please and tolerant of children (supervision is advised as they big and may accidentally hurt the child). They are slow moving, obedient and patient. They are highly intelligent dogs and this makes them easy to train; though you should start to train them at a young age where they are still manageable (especially not to jump as the reason for their size).

They make great watchdogs, and the size is a good prevention of harm. They drool after they eat and drink. Remember that you must make sure you remain the dog’s pack leader, because they must know what is expected of them and that there are no exceptions. They have highly developed sense of smell and seem to have a sixth sense about upcoming danger from storms and avalanches.


Health Problems:

They may be prone to “wobblers” syndrome, heart problems, hip dysplasia, tumors and sometimes the outward folding of the eyelid usually the lower lid. You should keep an eye out for a twisted stomach. Thus, it’s better to feed them two of three small meals per day than one large meal.


Living Conditions:

These dogs will be able to live an apartment with you, because they are relatively inactive indoors. Although they are inactive indoors, they must get the sufficient exercise. They have low tolerance for hot weather, warm rooms and cars. They also wheeze and snore while sleeping.


It is important to keep the dog mentally stable. Dogs are walkers by instinct for instance pack dogs get up in the morning and walk. To have a large yard is not going to satisfy your dog. Thus, the owner has to take their dogs for daily walks to release not only physical energy, but also mental.

Puppies should not have too much exercise at one time; wait until their bones are well formed and strong. Short walks will do and to play briefly with your puppy will do until the dog about two years old.


Live Expectancy:

They are expected to live up to eight to ten years.



There are two types of coats, smooth-haired and long-haired, and both are easy to groom. You can comb or brush the dogs with a firm bristle brush, and bathe only when necessary. Shampoo may strip the coat from its oily, water resistant properties. Thus, you should use mild soap to bathe the dogs. The eyes may be inclined to water needs special attention to keep clean and free of irritants. This breed sheds twice a year.